Research Grants: Dr. Melkani's Lab Home Page

Research Funding that has allowed Dr. Melkani's and his personnel to continue researching through out the years:

R01 NIH/NIA (2019-2024) "Molecular basis of circadian rhythms disruptions linked cardiometabolic disorders and their mitigation using dietary intervention"

R21 NIH/NIA (2015-2017) "Genetic analysis and regulation of laminopathy induced cardiac defects"

R21 NIH/NCRR (2011-2013) "Genetic analysis and regulation of amyloids flux in the Drosophila heart"

BGIA AHA (2013-2015) "Tau-induced cardiomyopathy in a Drosophila heart model"

2013-2018 National Institutes of Health Research Grant "Mechanism of Myosin Chaperone UNC-45: Structural, Functional & Genetic Approaches"

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